Flore Zoé


Flore Zoé is a Dutch artist, her medium is photography.

Born in Delft in 1975 she was, from a very young age, intimately aware of her surroundings and fascinated by everything around her – images and events.

Her youth was not always carefree and is a period which has continued to influence her view of life and the world around her. It continues to serve as an unending source of inspiration for her work and contributes to her drive to express herself artistically.

This artistic expression started through various media – sketching, painting – but when she picked up her first camera she knew. This was IT. A world opened before her very eyes. Through the lens she could capture a context, and realised she could determine the images, play with and define what she wanted to document. The camera was the instrument through which she was able to transform the world around her according to her own vision, through which she could tell her own story. It allowed her to capture all the elements of her story within one framework, one frame.


from her childhood 1982-1989

The path of creativity

The camera is her passion, her lover. Nonetheless, she opted to study Psychology – in part motivated by her childhood period and the search for self-healing. It was not long before she realised this path was not hers. It was a trip around the world, and in particular to the Far East which revealed the path Flore Zoé was to pursue. She followed her heart and returned to her passion: creating images and telling stories. Driven by the desire to make sense of contrasting situations in the world she enrolled in the Foto Academie of Amsterdam.

Series 'Classify'

Academy 2001

capturing beauty

Flore Zoé’s work reflects an existential need to capture a world in which beauty prevails. Each image, to the smallest of details is aesthetically perfect, beautiful. Chaos and trouble far away. And, in the background, consciously or unconsciously a secret quest for happiness. A recurring theme throughout her non-commissioned work: female models in the main role set in fairy-tale like settings.

The majority of Flore Zoé’s non-commissioned work is inspired by her own life or subjects which have personally fascinated her. Within the resulting series Flore Zoé demonstrates an impeccable feeling for concept, composition and beauty in her complex stylised compositions. Her work is of an incredible quality and finishing. Every photo must tell the story she has visualised in an optimal way, her pursuit of perfection is virtually limitless.

Series 'NU'

Commitment & development

For years Flore Zoé has had unwavering commitment to the development of her craft, to shaping and creating her ideas. Taking advice from others, but never deviating from her own path, ambition or expectations.

In 2012 the international world discovered Flore Zoé’s work.

She finally penetrated the world of fine-art photography. Her work is now exhibited with the world famous Opera Gallery which has 14 galleries for contemporary art worldwide. These authoritative galleries are located in cities with an inspiring and dynamic art scene: Paris, Singapore, New York, Miami, Hong Kong and London.

Opera Gallery Seoul


Developing concepts

Besides her independent non-commissioned work, Flore Zoé also works with clients: renowned clients from the fashion and music industry, advertising agencies and for large corporate clients. Clients admire Flore Zoé’s unique manner of developing a concept, her creativity, personalised approach, dedication, determination and, her originality.