Commissioned Art

Embark on a creative journey with Flore Zoé.

Flore Zoé is excited to collaborate with clients who are looking to integrate her work into an upcoming project or express their vision through a custom piece of art.

What does it mean to commission art? It is a unique artistic experience where the artist works closely together with the client, giving them the opportunity to become an integral part of the creative process. This culminates in an expression that encapsulates both the client’s and the artist’s perspectives, histories, and creativity. Reflecting on her commissioned work, Flore Zoé finds fulfilment in conceptually exploring a subject within the parameters of a client’s wishes, resulting in a piece of art that is a fully collaborative expression.

Some of her recent commissions include:

• It’s All About Diamonds; a series of artworks commissioned by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre to express the full lifecycle of a diamond from origin to possession.
• The Hague Highest; commissioned by The Penthouse Sky bar & Restaurant.
• Anchored Self-Fulfilment; a series commissioned by Public House Of Art, which asked the question: “If you were stripped down to your essence and exposed to show both your dark and your lighter side, which would you stand by?

Commissioning art allows collectors to go on an artistic journey together with Flore Zoé, creating a custom piece in line with their own vision.

For more information about working with Flore Zoé on commissioned art, please contact us at


Commissioned by Michelangelo Winklaar

‘The Traveller’


‘Marcel Wanders 50’

Commissioned by Marcel Wanders Studio


Commissioned by Innergie

‘Stichting Nelis’

Commissioned by Nelis


Commissioned by Steps Benelux

‘LEVEN Magazine’

Commissioned by 'LEVEN' Magazine


Commissioned by Sander Kleinenberg


Commissioned by ROOG

‘Miss Nine’

Commissioned by Miss Nine

‘Rock Baroque’

Commissioned by AM Magazine


Commissioned by FMV

‘Bad Boys’


‘Black is Black’

Commissioned by Viviënne De Rop

‘The Hague Highest’

Commissioned by The Penthouse Skybar & Restaurant


Commissioned by Viviënne De Rop

‘It’s All About Diamonds’

commissioned by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre

‘Anchored Self-Fulfillment’

Commissioned by PHOA