Family Portraits

A custom made artwork

Family Portraits

Capture the family dynamic with custom artwork.

With her family portraits, Flore Zoé turns her eye to you and your family in order to create a portrait of museum-level quality that shows you at your best and highlights your shared history and passions. The setting can range from an intimate portrait at home to an elaborate shoot on location or the perfectly lit backdrop at the spectacular Flore Zoé Studio in The Hague.

Having a personal portrait made by Flore Zoé is a one-of-a-kind experience. Resulting in a unique work of art that captures your family’s story in the most beautiful way. Every portrait starts with a personal meeting at home, to draw inspiration from the background and individual characters of the family members. Carefully selected objects with sentimental value can be incorporated into the final work.

After sketching and creating a storyboard, the artist will present the creative concept to you in person. For every portrait, Flore Zoé works with a professional hair and make-up artist, a stylist, a lighting expert and a digital artist in order to attain technical perfection. The day of the photoshoot is often described by clients as a miniature film production in which every detail is lovingly cared for.

Your portrait will be printed on fine art paper of museum-level quality and framed to your specifications in the desired dimensions. If you wish, Flore Zoé Studio can also design a special ‘making of’ book that captures behind-the-scenes images of the day, as a keepsake of a wonderful shared experience.

The final artwork

Behind the scenes


Behind the scenes

printing process


Please feel free to ask any information regarding the possibilities for Flore Zoé to create a custom made artwork for you and your family. Please contact us at