Capture a special moment in time with a dynamic portrait by Flore Zoé.


Flore Zoé has spent 25 years working closely with international brands, artists, individuals, and business leaders. She has captured their essence through these projects while imbuing the final portrait with meaning, understanding, and empathy.

Flore Zoé’s contemporary portraiture is geared towards portraying integrity, trust, professionalism, and creativity – all essential traits for ambitious individuals who strive to reach new heights in their careers.

Through the art of capturing the light, Flore Zoé brings her subjects’ characteristics, values, and positionality to life in expressive portraits highlighting their professional vision and drawing inspiration from their personal background.

On the day of the shoot, her team of creative professionals will offer the subjects expert styling advice based on items from their own wardrobes. In addition, a make-up artist will be on set for touch-ups to ensure the clients look and feel their best.

Your portrait -either for personal or business purposes- will be shot to your specifications. This can be as a half-body or close-up, and colour options include full colour or black and white. Advice on image selection will be provided by an expert assistant to Flore Zoé, ensuring your portrait conveys the message and emotion you intend to communicate.

After the shoot, a fully edited photo will be delivered to you in high and in low resolution, optimised for use across your digital and media presence.

This is your chance to have your portrait taken by the artist Flore Zoé.

The next available shoot date is 07.06.2024 & 16.09.2024

For more information and prices please contact inquiries@competent-panini.136-144-146-142.plesk.page


* one portrait-photo
* as desired half-total, close-up, colour or black and white
* background black, white or nude
* styling-advice based on garments from your own wardrobe
* 30 minute make-up & hair check & touch-up by make-up artist/hairstylist
* shoot by Flore Zoé herself
* direct image-selection and advice by assistant Flore Zoé
* one photo is delivered digitally with full image editing in high,- and low-res



Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Make-up & Hair

For more information and prices please contact inquiries@competent-panini.136-144-146-142.plesk.page