‘Love is the Reason’

A unique piece of art

About ‘Love is the Reason’

With great pride we launch today, my first 3-dimensional artwork from series ANTS, titled ‘Love Is The Reason’

The Fulgora Laternaria that has been photographed is physically* added to the work. I chose to make the animal part of the artwork because it reinforces my story for ANTS

The story of ‘ANTS’

Human beings have been destroying ecosystems. With the images, I wish to let the viewer reflect on how we treat animals and nature. Homo sapiens evolved into an ecological serial killer: we killed more or less half of all the larger animals on this planet and continue to do so even in this present day. We as a species should be more aware of the fact that we are as much part of this enormous ecosystem as every other species, big or small!

The story of  ‘Love is the Reason’

In Colombia there is a folk tale saying that if the insect Fulgora Laternaria, bites you, it would cause death unless the affected person practiced a sexual act within 24 hours. The pair we see refers to Adam & Eve/the beginning/the origin/progression and reproduction. The Fulgora Laternaria (also called serpent) bites Eve. Adam saves her with his love. Is love the reason for our existence?

Unique piece 1/1
52,5 x 70 x 8,5 cm
Handmade walnut wooden frame, art glass
Price on request

  • * this animal has been born in captivity and died of natural causes. The animal is ECC certified.



Love is the Reason

'Love is the Reason'

Making of the artwork

Making of the artwork

Behind the scenes