‘It’s All About Diamonds’

commissioned by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre

About ‘It’s All About Diamonds’


The motivation with this series was to express the full life cycle of a diamond – from its origin to its ‘possession’, or if you will, acquisition: each image reflecting something which is not immediately recognisable by the viewer. Each image is an artistic impression of the different facets of diamonds – their history, process or final form. They are intended to entice the audience, the viewer, to understand them, to discover their essence.

Within this concept it was essential that the location was pure, raw. I began thinking about the ‘birth of a diamond’, a process in which man has no role. Mother earth is the source. My conclusion: the best place to shoot this was deep inside the earth – a cave or a mine – in the Netherlands or Belgium.

Flore Zoé “This series is the ideal reflection of how I would like to develop my commissioned work: where I am given a subject and allowed to conceptually explore it within the parameters of the client’s wishes. This is what makes commission work so fulfilling for me, being allowed to let it reflect my non-commissioned work.”





'What is'

'Kimberly process'





Digital art Folkert Datema
Makeup & hair Viviënne De Rop
Assistant makeup & hair Iris Zuidema
Fashion styling Meriam Limon
Assistant photography Renée Jansen & Elaine McCormack
Producer Kevin Gerrits
Models @ Max Models @ Touché Models
Crew Catering Phuong & Sophie

Behind the scenes

shoot 1

Behind the scenes

shoot 2