2006 - 2012

About ‘Porcelain’

Women, and the way they hide behind make-up throughout the centuries. Does the make-up separate them from the rest or does it make them one of many? In trying to be unique, are we not submitting to mind-numbing uniformity?

Flore Zoé “Both the research and work involved in this series was far more extensive than for others.
Studying the faces for symmetry and proportion took a lot of time. As far as I am concerned, this series is not yet complete, I would love to capture so many more!”







Digital art Remy Huang & Folkert Datema
Makeup & hair Viviënne De Rop
Models Zazoe, Lara, Linde, Valerie @ MaxModels & Keshia

Behind the scenes

shoot Keshia & Linde


at Opera Gallery