‘The Magnificent Diorama’

A beauty story

About ‘The Magnificent Diorama’

This series is a collaborative concept between Vivënne and myself.

I feel so rich and grateful that Viviënne and I have been working together for 19 years already and our creative concepts came together in an incredible way:

My fascination for dioramas and admiration for photographer Guy Bourdin and Viviënne’s lust for make-up, color and metallics.

Special thanks to Martin van Zwol, without his skills we couldn’t have made this series. We made a perfect match and our qualities came together exactly like it should be.

Thank you: Laurens Heijstraten, our beautiful models Nina and Elle from Future Faces and Emily for assisting Vief on set.


More coming soon.


The Magnificent Diorama I

The Magnificent Diorama II

The Magnificent Diorama III

Behind the scenes


Behind the scenes


Behind the scenes



Makeup & hair Viviënne De Rop
Digital Art Martin van Zwol
Creative producer Laurens Heijstraten
Models Nina & Elle @Future Faces